Chinese Brush Painting has been my love for over 30 years, and in that tradition I paint from memory and imagination, drawing from my deep love for the mountains and trees of my home. To make my art I blend the more traditional Chinese brush painting materials of watercolor and black ink with hand made paper, bark or linen to create my own blend of art where East meets West.

Donna begins with her Chinese bamboo brushes, white ceramic dishes and rich black ink — all the materials of the brush painting tradition and then adds to that her own aesthetic of hand made papers, bark, and raw linen, she says: "I’d use a paper bag if I thought it would work well.” She uses innovative brush strokes and varies a natural color palette to include sparks of rich color.

Taking inspiration from the mountains and trees of Vermont and Northern California where she's lived have influenced her painting of pines and birches. She typifies them as "my favorite subjects".  D'Acuti has taken all she has learned in her study of Chinese brush painting and made it her own. Despite her confessed impatience and high energy, D'Acuti enjoys the focus and delicacy that is required in her art. "When I'm really stressed out, I'll sit down and paint trees. It's my meditation."

Today D'Acuti can be found painting in her studio in the hills of Mill Valley, or out singing jazz and blues at local bars and music halls (visit to hear recordings and view performance schedule). Donna D'Acuti is a singer and an artist — she's truly a woman of many talents.

I hope you enjoy my paintings; I loved creating them!
— Donna D'Acuti

Selected Exhibitions: 

  • Red Umbrellas, San Francisco, CA; 2015 – Present
  • Marin Open Studios, Marin County, CA; 2016 – Present
  • Coldwell Banker Office Building,"A New Retrospective," Mill Valley, CA; 2015-Present
  • 123 Bolinas"White Woods on Linen," Fairfax, CA; April, 2017
  • Etcetera Wine Bar, Solo Art Show, Valencia St, San Francisco, CA; 2016
  • Caldwell Snyder Gallery"Recent Paintings," San Francisco, CA; Nov. 2008
  • The Throckmorton Theatre, "East and West," Mill Valley, CA; Dec. 2007 – Jan. 2008
  • Water Dragon Gallery, "Chinese Brush Paintings," Fairfax, CA; 2006
  • Invited Artist, Lagoon Art Show, San Rafael, CA; 2005 – 2009
  • First American Office Building, "My First," Mill Valley, CA; 2004


  • The American College of Surgeons offices, Philadelphia, PA

  • Law offices of San Francisco, CA
  • Various private collections in Washington, Florida, Vermont, Alaska, Montana, Australia, California (San Francisco Bay Area)
  • Workshop with Frances Thompson; 2003


  • Studied and practiced Chinese brush painting under Paul & Madeline Fu since late 1970
  • A.S. Nursing – Vermont College

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